R Wayne Incorporated is in existence solely to evoke emotions and euphoric experiences by way of breakthrough technology and innovation, and bespoke service accommodations. Delivering quality performance and results in every aspect of business will always remain at the forefront of how R Wayne Inc. interacts with the world.

Officially established as a legal entity September 2013, R Wayne Inc. aims to use the geographical advantages of its birthplace, Houston, Tx. to flourish as an enterprise company. The individual taking on the task of building this empire is CEO/President, Reginald DE Vaughn II, also known as “RWayne”.

The future of R Wayne Inc. consists of multiple business branches under its corporate umbrella, which will collectively promote diversity, smart business development, and great investments. R Wayne Inc. believes that all of it’s consumer provided products and services will be among the elite in their specific marketplaces.

Reginald DeVaughn II CEO/President